Flexible Magnets

Plastalloy™ Flexible Ferrite Magnets

The Plastalloy™ flexible magnet products are produced in three forms:

  • Ferrite Magnet Sheets
  • Ferrite Magnet Strips
  • Ferrite Magnet Die-Cut Shapes

The following value added options are also available:

  • pressure sensitive adhesive
  • vinyl laminations
  • polarity identification
  • customized formulations
  • special cutting techniques

As with all Electrodyne products, our technical staff is available to discuss the production of specialized compounds and magnetizing fixtures to meet your requirements.

Plastalloy™ has the versatility of accepting several methods of magnetization. The standard methods are conventional, two poles each side, and multiple pole. Plastalloy™ magnets are also available with custom magnetization patterns making them ideal for low cost position or speed sensing encoders. (See method of magnetization link).

Plastalloy™ flexible magnets can take it. They are certified for the extremes of most automotive applications including exposure under the hood as well as inside the engine, transmission, and differential.


Plastalloy Typical Demagnetization Curves

P1-A P4 P6
Maximum Energy Product, Bd Hd max (gauss-oersteds) 1.1 x 106 1.4 x 106 1.6 x 106
Residual Induction Br (gauss)v 2200 2450 2610
Coercive Force Hc (oersteds) 2000 2100 2150
Intrinsic Coercive Force Hci (oersteds) 2900 2800 2650
Temperature Coefficient of Magnetization (%/C) -0.02 -0.02 -0.02
Temperature Coefficient of Coercivity (%/C) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Specific Gravity 3.65 3.65 3.65

P1A-red, P4-yellow, P6-black



Plastalloy™ Flexible Ferrite Magnetic Chip Collector

Painted Plastalloy™ Flexible Ferrite Magnet

Special Cutting Techniques