Flexible Magnets

Electrodyne flexible magnetic materials offer a unique combination of physical and magnetic properties which open new opportunities for design innovation and automated manufacturing not possible with rigid or brittle magnetic material.

Flexible Ferrite Magnets – Versatile, high quality and economical all describe our Plastalloy™ products. Plastalloy™ rubber bonded strontium ferrite flexible magnets can be bent, twisted and flexed without loss of their high magnetic energy. The Plastalloy™ flexible magnet products are produced in three forms: Ferrite Magnet Sheets, Ferrite Magnet Strips, Ferrite Magnet Die-Cut Shapes.

Flexible Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets – Due to its flexible nature, Reance F™ rare earth magnets can be easily slit, drilled, punched or die-cut to customer specification.

Super Flexible Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets – Very high energy magnet material, (up to 5.0MGOe), Reance SF™ is extremely flexible as it can be bent to very tight radiuses without cracking, breaking, or losing any of its magnetic power.