Methods of Magnetization
The magnetization pattern selected is an important part of the design of the magnet. The successful magnet circuit design always must consider the magnetic pattern. The magnetization patterns are typical of the three basic options available with Plastalloy™.

  • conventional, one pole on each side
  • two poles on each side
  • multiple poles on each side
  • custom magnitization patterns
The Electrodyne Company specializes in the manufacture of custom encoder and speed sensing magnets. These economical magnets are available with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive and are perfect for use with hall effect and other common magnetically actuated switches. The ETC Magnetizer (U.S. Patent No. 5,424,703) offers quick and easy magnetization of ferrite materials. You will realize pull strength competitive with strengths obtained with impulse type magnetizers that can cost thousands more.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
As an option, Electrodyne is able to apply various pressure sensitive adhesives to its line of flexible magnet materials.

Adhesives from 3M Company and FLEXcon Company, Inc. are available in a variety of formulations to cover applications ranging from general purpose to automotive.

Adhesives come in the form of a thin film with a paper release liner and can be applied to our magnet material in the form of strips, rolls and die cut shapes.

Engineering, technical assistance and testing services are also available for the most demanding of applications.

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Polarity Identification
Where required by the customer to assist in assembly or function, Electrodyne offers various polarity identification methods, including paint, and grooving of the desired surface. For more information on pole patterns, see “methods of magnetization”.

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Vinyl Lamination for Industrial Magnets
Vinyl laminated to a flexible magnet can add a whole new dimension to a decorated magnet. This service can be combined with the application of pressure sensitive adhesive and most of our other slitting and die cutting procedures.

Electrodyne offers vinyl lamination services where justified by the quantities purchased.

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Assemblies & Prototyping of Industrial Magnets
Electrodyne offers assembly services for the customer who has the desire to purchase a completed assembly.

This service reduces the need for additional production operations on the part of the customer, and eliminates the problems associated with assemblies involving magnetized materials.

Often, prototyping services by Electrodyne can provide working models of the customer’s product, as many of Electrodyne’s products lend themselves to economical machining and forming processes.

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